The Governor is Nigeria’s only independent portal exclusively dedicated to tracking and highlighting the completed and ongoing projects, reforms and social transformation initiatives of state governors in Nigeria and their administration. We also provide independent reporting and coverage on state governors and state governments in Nigeria.


Our Mission is to connect the governors and citizens and to be a reliable and trusted source of information,  news and analysis for citizens and public sector professionals, including senior public officers, key decision-makers at all levels and elected representatives as well as the private and non-government sectors.


The Governor covers projects updates, news, in-depth analysis, innovation and public leadership best practice examples in all aspects of governance, government operations and public leadership from states in Nigeria and around the world. We believe that it is imperative that Nigerians get to know much more about the programmes of their respective state governors, the economic opportunities available as well as socio-cultural issues of respective States.

The Governor provides:

  • an information channel focused on tracking and highlighting the projects of state govermors and governance models that brings state governments closer to their citizens;
  • a portal that pulls together breaking news and events from governors’ offices and state governments in Nigeria, with political commentary from a network of columnists.
  • a platform for showcasing and promoting successful governance models and good policies at state government level.
  • a platform for investment and economic opportunities available, as well as socio-cultural issues in respective states.
  • a place where both state governments, communities and businesses could find inspiration for their future initiatives.


Our aim is to enhance the understanding and cohesion between the citizens and their respective state governments. The goal is to keep the citizens informed about the good practices on a state level, by specifically highlighting and honouring the projects, reforms, social transformation and empowerment programmes as well as initiatives of state governors.

This will ultimately lead to improved co-operation and exchange of information. It will also contribute to the socio-economic development of the states and cities.

We aim to achieve our goal by also promoting policies, linked to development, in collaboration with a network of civil society organisations.

The portal is dynamic and open to every state government willing to join, no matter how big or small. State House press secretaries will have access to a direct channel through which they can inform citizens of recent achievements and promote interesting projects in line with the shared values. Find more about how to participate from the Add a State section.

The Governor also publishes The Governor Magazine, a monthly magazine that seeks to address the information need mentioned above. The magazine which will be circulated nationally will feature in each of its monthly editions, a specific State Governor.

The GovernorNG website and The Governor Magazine in digital and print are publications of IBILE Foundation Ltd/GTE, a non-government, non-profit citizens engagement and social welfare organisation based in Lagos, Nigeria.