Kwara: Governor AbdulRazaq Inspects ICT Innovation Hub

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Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq has inspected the ICT Innovation Hub under construction, in Ilorin.

The Innovation Hub is a planned ICT Centre that is being built by the Kwara State Government.

The Innovation Hub will provide a conducive and enabling environment for youths to thrive and succeed using modern technology.

Kwara youths will learn how to use technology to solve problems and create value.

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic it is most crucial for the State to facilitate local participation in the digital revolution as the entire world is now moving to online services and technology has become the most important tool for survival in the post-COVID world.

Kwara youths will be able to learn software engineering, artificial intelligence, machine learning, graphic design, social media, digital marketing, and many other modern technologies via the training programs and activities at the Innovation Hub.

This will prepare them for:

Global Outsourcing: Our youths will learn the modern technology skills required to join the global workforce and will be able to work remotely for companies around the world from right here in Kwara. This will increase revenue and IGR for the State.

Startup Entrepreneurship: They will also learn how to start companies that will solve local problems, create value and be able to scale into bigger companies.

The AbdulRazaq led Kwara State Government plans to encourage and provide incentives for struggling startups in bigger cities to relocate their businesses to Kwara. This will create jobs and in turn increase revenue and IGR in the state.

These activities will, in turn, boost the local economy by training our youths, creating jobs, triggering foreign investment, and creating a robust technology value chain from hardware vendors to network engineers and internet service providers all within Kwara State.

The Innovation Hub is also partnering with organizations like MTN, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook to bring in their resources to help its members grow.

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